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Our Services

Every successful launch begins as an idea with potential. Our team members deliver strategic possibilities that unlock the full potential lying within a creative opportunity.

Graphic design represents the perfect mix of creativity and technology, which results in a product that engages the customer, strengthens the brand, and contributes to its commercial success.

We create and develop concepts that display your product’s function, value and appearance innovatively for the benefit of both user and manufacturer.

Branding Services

Solid relationships begin with a shared connection. Branding is so much more than just the product, the people, packaging, advertising campaign or strategy but a combination of all. We specialize in creating solutions that are more meaningful, engaging and powerful.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Every touchpoint makes a statement on your behalf and we ensure that your e-blasts, invites, newsletters, announcements and other digital communication methods are impactful, consistent and effective.

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Marketing Services

Marketing on any level requires an invested mind and a willingness to push creative boundaries. We identify and implement marketing plans that offer the most value to your business.

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Print Design

Comprehensive marketing campaigns include the right mix of digital and print design. While we counsel every client on the most appropriate and sustainable marketing methods, our counsel includes translating your digital designs to stunning print pieces that make a statement.

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Have you ever thought of launching your own product? You’re not alone. Partnering with Firefly is a great way to create a prototype quickly. We can offer expertise advice, help with cost estimations and come up with ideas to fit within your budget and schedule